3 Tower Lane
Woodstock, NY 12477
Mountain Views!
Single Family Home


Woodstock Tower House

Tower House, by artist John Kahn, is a feast for the senses, inspired by the pristine natural landscape of the Catskills.  Hand crafted over a period of 15 years, John Kahn used re-purposed materials including slate, copper, aircraft-grade aluminum, redwood along wood and bluestone from the land itself to create this unique circular work of art you can live in!   This one-of-a-kind work of art, home and estate are now being offered for sale.

Set on 5.5 acres of forest the Tower House estate includes a Guest House, a Sauna imported from Sweden, a large Studio building, and three storage buildings.  Sculptures dot the landscape, including Easter Island Moai, and a large Tower that was formerly a NYC water main!  

John Kahn, a Long Island native, is well known for his whimsical designs that utilize complex engineering principles and a variety of materials that "play together", including stone, wood, glass, metal and fabric.  John worked closely with Muppet creator Jim Henson designing and building sets for the Fraggle Rock Touring Company as well as with Henson's son, John, to create "The Great Hot Air Balloon Circus" for the lobby of the Henson family's Manhattan townhouse, aka, Muppet House.  The project's giant balloon was installed in the Disney Store on 5th Avenue in New York City.  

More recently, John Kahn was the set designer for his good friend Phillipe Petit's one-man show "Wireless!"  You may know Phillipe for his walk across a wire between the World Trade Center towers in 1974.  John also was a key player in the formation of the Big Apple Circus in NYC.

When John moved to Easter Island in 2007 he sold Tower House to Dr. Rhoney Gissen Stanley, who helped manage the sound and the LSD for the Grateful Dead, along with Owsley "Bear" Stanley.

The "New York's Trippiest Home" as it was dubbed by the NY Post is a unique and special home looking for just the right person.  























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